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Honorary Degrees

Doctorate of Theology (DTh)

Doctorate of Divinity (D.D.)

Degree Award Program *




Welcome to TGCM Graduate School of Theology

Potential students have been requesting an honorary degree program that allows our deserving individuals to receive degree
recognition (title degree) based solely on their significant experience, contributions, accomplishments, and life training.
Therefore, we recommend our special Doctorate of Theology honorary award degree program.

Criteria for an Honorary Degree

The honorary special degree recognition program allows a deserving candidate to be awarded an honorary degree based on
the following three accomplishments:

1.    Significant experience, contributions, and accomplishments in the service of God.

2. Educational and degrees earned.

3. Christian character.

The DD and DTh is a recognition or title-only degree.

Degree Selection

Selection for this award is based on a board review and selection process. General guidelines are: degree is generally awarded to those with 10 – 20 years significant Christian service experience and major or unique contributions to the service of our Lord, who are ordained ministers, and who agree with the International True Gospel Christian Ministry (TGCM) Bible College doctrine.

There are a limited number of honorary degrees that will be awarded in each academic year. (Also, a Statement of Belief in TGCM
doctrine is required before this title can be given to any applicant.) Degree can be revoked by the College Board if the person with
the title fails to continue their service and commitment to Christian excellence.)

Consideration is also given to individuals who have at least 7 years significant ministry experience and who also hold a Master’s level degree.


Who Can Apply


Members of TGCM Church Worldwide who have a strong history of service to the Lord and who have support the ministry of TGCM Bible College may apply for this honor. (See How to Apply below.)


How to Apply


To enroll and apply for the honorary degree program, you must complete the following steps to enroll in the college:

1. Click here for the Online Special Doctorate Program Application

    Complete the application.

2. Complete the Life Service and Experiences Form Application: Online Life Experiences Application

3. To be considered, all students applying for the honorary degree must:


Affirm that they will promote TGCM Bible College and its mission.


Be a member or join TGCM Church Worldwide


Provide financial support to the college. If you have not provided any support, you can be considered by making an initial donation of $175 to the ministry of TGCM Bible College*. Future monetary support is at the discretion of the candidate.  Donations to the College are not refundable. Donations can be made by Clicking Here


Maintain their Christian character and service to God after degree is awarded. (Failure to do so will result in a rescinding of the degree)


4. Submit any supporting documents (letters, transcripts, pictures, etc.) that support you experience in God’s service and training / education.

5. Personal Identification – Required - Each applicant must submit their most current picture (for their student ID card) and a letter or affidavit from a Notary Republic or other local certifying government agency verifying that the picture represents the applicant. (Click here for Affidavit)


Mail supporting documents and notarized affidavit to:


Honorary Degree Program
TGCM Bible College

Graduate School of Theology

P.O. Box 251174

Woodbury, MN   55125


Once you have completed the steps to apply and the college has received all of your documents, the Board will meet and review your application for the honorary degree. You will be notified of a decision within two weeks.


If you are not selected for the degree on your first application, you may submit for reconsider after 6 months. After that, you can submit once a year for a total of two years.

Notice: Degree awarded based on your past and current service to the Lord and lifetime achievements. It is honorary in nature awarded to honor the service and experiences that you have accomplished. Honorary degrees are title-only degrees and are based on your experience and contributions to the field of service for God. It is intended to provide a means for pastors and lay persons to be recognized for their work and contributions in service to God. This degree program is totally different in nature, purpose, and scope to those degrees earned by college course work. This is an honorary and can be revoked by the College should the candidate fail to maintain their Christian character and service or if it is determined that the information presented for consideration is found to be inaccurate. 

Current Honorary Degree Holders 


Please email us any questions you may have at admissions@tgcm.org


Call us at 651-336-9207




          * Financial support made to the college is considered a gift to the ministry of this college and is non-refundable.










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